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Bethany's Pageant Winners, Boys & Girls
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Bethany's has dressed literally hundreds of winners in all our years of business since 1994, and many of you have sent pictures with your permission for us to use them in our ads.  Now we are starting a new web site page just for our customers.  Please email us a picture of your beautiful girl in one of our winning dresses, and we will be glad to put it on this page.  Please give us her name and titles, and we will use those also (first name only for your privacy).



Their Titles Include:


Little Miss Majorette Of The Year

America's Most Beautiful Wee

Little Majorette Of 2012


 Baby Syerra With All Her Trophies And Ribbons From The Today's Girl Pageant; And She Is Only Seven Months Old, Folks!  Isn't She Darling?  She Is Wearing Her Powder Blue Shasa Designer Pageant Dress From Bethany's.  (Multiple Titles Listed Below Her Pictures)


Her Titles Include:
Best Overall Baby
Best Overall Easter Attire
Best Party Dress
Darling Baby
Best Overall Beauty (Ages 0-6)


 Beautiful Julianna (3 Years Old) Was A Winner In the Miss Greater Athens pageant.  In Her Age Division She Won "Best Overall" Along With OtherTitles.  She Is Wearing Her Winning Geranium & White Pageant Dress From Bethany's (Multiple Titles Listed Below Her Picture)


Her Titles Include:
Miss Greater Athens of Athens, Georgia
Best Overall
Most Photogenic
Prettiest Eyes


 Isn't This Just The Sweetest Baby!  Apparently The Judges Agreed.  This is Malorie "cleaning up" in the Springtime Pageant As She Charms Everyone And Racks Up A 100% Score (200 Points Out Of 200).  She Is Wearing Her Mango Pageant Dress & Accessories From Bethany's.  (Multiple Titles Listed Below Her Pictures)


Her Titles Include:
Prettiest Eyes
Prettiest Smile
Prettiest Hair


 What a Charmer!  Apparently The Judges Thought So Too.  This is Sunshyne "cleaning up" in the Sunburst Pageant As She "Struts Her Stuff" In Her Lime Green/White Pageant Dress & Accessories From Bethany's.  (Multiple Titles Listed Below Her Pictures)


Her Titles Include:
Best Attire
Overall Sunburst USA Winner
Superstar Award
Best Personality
Top Model Face
Prettiest Smile
Prettiest Hair
Most Photogenic


 Beaming Ms. Holbrook Was A Winner In the Black Gold Festival Pageant 2008 in her Pretty Pink Pageant Dress & Accessories from Bethany's (Multiple Titles Listed Below Her Picture)


Her Titles Include:
First Runner Up
Most Beautiful Baby
Most Photogenic


Haleigh Is Raleigh's Miss Congeniality In The Cities Of America Preliminary Pageant and 4th Runner Up In The Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Raleigh Division..  Isn't She Lovely?  She Is Wearing Her Gorgeous Unique Fashion Pink/White Formal From Bethany's


We predict we will be hearing much more from this charming young lady!


Rachel Is Maryland's Little Miss Crustacean 2008.  Isn't She Pretty?  She Is Wearing Her Pretty Pink Pageant Dress From Bethany's


Rachel presided over the 61st National Hard Crab Derby & Fair in MD.


Darling Sophia Swept Everything In Her Pageant Wearing a Gorgeous Mint Green Pageant Dress & Accessories from Bethany's


Sophia's Titles Include:
First Place
Best Attire
Prettiest Hair
Most Photogenic


Dawn's Son, Wearing His Black Tuxedo from Bethany's Checks Out The Competition (Or Is He Flirting With The Judges?)  What A Cutie!!


Debra's Son Won His Pageant In His Black & White Rhinestoned Tuxedo From Bethany's.  (Notice That He Is Also Wearing A Matching Pair Of Black & White Patent Tuxedo Shoes--Stunning!!)


Torri, Wearing Her Bethany's White Pageant Dress Accented With Pink Rosebuds, Wins The Title Of Miss Washington Princess.  Way To Go, Torri!!


Our Beautiful Allison In One Of Our Winning Dresses.  Notice That She Also Wears Our Pageant Shoes And Matching Tutu Lace Socks


Some Of Allison's Many Titles Are:
California Goldcoast
"Baby Spring Queen" Los Angeles County
"Baby Summer Queen" Los Angeles County
"Baby Queen Modesto
three time winner Universal Queen
three time winner Sweetheart Queen
three time winner "Best Pageant Attire"

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